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Step Out Of The Shadows of the Past and Into
Your Brilliance

Online Coaching with Zanna Majerle

Meet Zanna

Transformational Coach and Healer

Zanna Majerle is a True Survivor!


From childhood abuse and trauma through widowhood and single mom-hood at an early age, pulling herself up into a transformed, empowered version of herself, Zanna has persevered and overcome major challenges to her self-confidence, her understanding of herself and life.


She later took on a mixed marriage and blended family; suffered the loss of all her belongings in a tragic flood; re-imagined herself and a new life; and has gone on to create a lifestyle of Abundance and Freedom.


The lessons she learned along the way, the advanced education she pursued, the resources and tools she gathered and created are the basis for her new coaching program Stepping Out Unchained. Zanna leads women From Surviving to Thriving. From the Shadows Of Their Past and Into The Brilliance of Their Future.


What I Teach in
Stepping Out Unchained

ReImagining Your Life

Establishing High

Frequency Habits

Creating Your Lifestyle


How to Move From

Surviving to


hikers with climbing ropes

The Journey To A New Future Begins on the Path of  Self-Empowerment. Begin Your Journey Today.

  Zanna taught me that I was worth taking the time to better myself.

That I was no longer the little girl that my mother would verbally, emotionally, and physically abuse.

  When I felt weak, or felt like

I was suffocating, she shared her knowledge, experience, education, abilities, talents, and her resources to help me.

  Zanna provided what I needed to step out of living my story and to heal from my past.  I am not those versions of myself anymore.

- Christina B.

  Zanna is extremely smart, educated and well experienced in her life. I was truly impressed by the professionalism of our sessions.

  I think the biggest piece I took from our time together was how deeply rooted we become in our own stories. How the way we perceive events really shows where we are at in our healing process.

- Carrie W.

How has your life changed because of working with Zanna?

  •  I've healed those old story patterns.

  • I've learned to connect with my higher self and how to work with my guides.

  • I've learned to connect with my body.

  • I learned to trust my higher self and follow my calling. I am unafraid of the direction I'm headed and absolutely excited about my life today.

- Anonymous

My Invitation to You


I Know You. I Know the Pain You’ve Experienced.


And I know that EVERYTHING you need to create a new life and a new YOU is held right inside of you, inside your Soul.


You’ve done the hard work – the inner work – you’ve healed yourself from your past.


You’re ready to move out of your story and into your future.


You’re ready to create a new YOU and live your HIGHEST life.


In my coaching program, Stepping Out Unchained, you can discover who you truly are, find your power, shift your energies into infinite possibilities and change your reality – mentally, emotionally, and financially. 


You can STEP out of your shadows, DISCOVER your brilliance and CREATE a life of abundance and freedom.


I hope you’ll book a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute strategy call with me so we can discuss your goals and find solutions.

Click the SCHEDULE NOW button below to access my calendar and book your call.

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